Legal Services

Providing intelligent and compassionate legal services exclusively in the area of Immigration and Nationality Law.  

The firm focuses primarily on humanitarian matters that impact the most vulnerable in our communities; including U Visas, VAWA, T Visas, TPS and SIJ. We offer asylum, refugee, humanitarian parole, and congressional support services for those seeking safe harbor in our country.   We also provide DACA related services. 

We provide services for family based immigration, which includes marriage: children (step), parent, sibling petitions and fiance visas.   We offer adjustments stateside and consular processing.  We also offer a solid waiver practice.

Our firm manages a full Naturalization and Citizenship Practice.   

We offer an array of non-immigrant visa services including student, visitor and diversity.

Our firm engages in limited employment based immigration, and selected investment visa options with highly experienced co-counsel.  Our practice includes very limited removal work.  

Our firm engages in significant probono, outreach, education and advocacy throughout the community.  

We offer rates that are uniquely accessible to the immigrant population.  We have sliding scales available to better serve the vulnerable.  

All legal services are exclusively in the field of Immigration and Naturalization Law; license Nebraska.

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